Programme Reference Documents

To report errors and/or suggest improvements in any of the Programme Reference documents, please contact the Galileo HelpDesk. Comments will be considered for inclusion in the respective “Errata Sheet”.

Based on the comments collected, the contents of the Errata Sheet may at any time be consolidated and published in a new issue of the document as an official release.


Galileo - Open Service - Signal In Space Operational Status Definition (OS SIS OSD)

Note: The previously published "Galileo Open Service– Signal In Space Operational Status Definition, Issue 1.1, July 2016" (OS SIS OSD) has been removed from the Programme Reference Documents list, as it has been superseded by the Galileo Initial Service - Open Service - Service Definition Document (OS SDD V1.0). All relevant information from the OS SIS OSD is now presented in the OS SDD.