• 28 August 2019
    Print out, cut out and assemble your own model of a Galileo navigation satellite
  • 17 July 2019
    Satellite navigation is useful in the air as well as on the land and sea. But stringent safety requirements mean the signals from space need to be supplemented using an additional system to be usable by the aviation sector. An international group of experts meets regularly to ensure such regional augmentation systems work together on a seamless basis.
  • 01 July 2019
    To test student-developed smartphone apps harnessing Galileo’s dual-frequency signals, engineers traced out ‘ESA GALILEO’ as accurately as possible across a football field
  • 07 June 2019
    Europe’s students and young researchers were challenged to design a smartphone app to take advantage of Galileo’s dual-frequency signal. The winning entries should soon be available to the public.