News from ESA

  • 08 March 2019
    The only thing more remarkable than how all of us are walking around with space-grade navigation capability and atomic clock timing precision in our pockets is how much we take all of this for granted. Satellite navigation has changed our lives, triggering a quiet revolution in our society and economy.
  • 07 February 2019
    The latest four Galileo satellites have been given the green light to begin working alongside the rest of Europe’s satellite navigation fleet, giving a further boost to worldwide Galileo service quality.
  • 04 February 2019
    A kite-blown science expedition to the interior of Antarctica has made the most southerly positioning fixes yet made with Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system.
  • 31 January 2019
    At ESA, the field of navigation covers more than just Galileo and satnav-sharpening EGNOS. More than a hundred European experts attended the inaugural NAVISP workshop at ESA’s technical heart, to discuss current R&D on a huge range of navigation-related topics, from driverless boats to intelligent power lines.