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30 Nov 2023

The process to request a Galileo PRN Code is available at the GSC. It…

Galileo OS SIS ICD v2.1
29 Nov 2023

A new version of the Galileo Open Service Signal In Space Interface…

28 Nov 2023

An update of the Galileo Open Service Signal In Space Interface Control…

27 Nov 2023

Continuing from the combined survey model launched last year, this…

How does Galileo help other space missions?

In 2023 satnav receivers are everywhere: in our phones, our cars, and drones, in fixed infrastructure, aboard boats, trains and aircraft. They are also in space: more than 95% of all the satellites in low-Earth orbit carry satnav receivers to calculate their position.

Galileo: no way without time

Europe’s Galileo is the world’s most precise satellite navigation system, providing metre-level accuracy and very precise timing to its four billion users. An essential ingredient to ensure this stays the case are the atomic clocks aboard each satellite, delivering pinpoint timekeeping that is maintained to a few billionths of a second. These clocks are called atomic because their ‘ticks’ come from ultra-rapid, ultra-stable oscillation of atoms between different energy states.

GENESIS of a new Earth: join ESA’s Earth measurement mission

The idea behind ESA’s GENESIS mission is simple: a fixed framework is needed to chart the relative positions of locations across our planet, and satellites in orbit serve as the foundation of this framework. Fix a satellite’s own position in space accurately enough and you can measure Earth beneath it much more precisely too. 

First ever ESA Academy Navigation Training Course!

For the first time ever, ESA Academy is opening a call for university students to apply for the pilot edition of the Navigation Training Course, to be held from 26 to 30 June 2023 at ESA Academy’s Training and Learning Facility in ESEC-Galaxia, Belgium. This Training Course has been developed by ESA Education and ESA’s Directorate of Navigation. Would you like to know more about the future of satellite navigation? Apply for our course today!