News from ESA

  • 07 June 2019
    Europe’s students and young researchers were challenged to design a smartphone app to take advantage of Galileo’s dual-frequency signals. The winning entries should soon be available to the public.
  • 27 May 2019
    Summertime in Europe equals festivals: people gathered together for music and arts under an open sky. But the very popularity of these events can lead to problems. A new ESA-backed project makes use of smartphones – that essential festival accessory – to help reduce overcrowding, avoid overwhelmed facilities and keep friends together.
  • 08 May 2019
    Satellite navigation has become a global utility, but one that is vulnerable to interference. ESA’s new NAVISP research and development programme is prioritising research into countering jamming and spoofing of satnav signals, with partner companies exploring varied approaches.
  • 06 May 2019
    An ESA-backed project is harnessing satnav to insert an intelligent sense of place and time to power grids, to provide early warning of potentially dangerous electricity network failures.