GNSS Users

GNSS technology is changing the way we live, work and move. Whether it’s getting from point A to point B by land, sea or air, travelling through remote areas or navigating the concrete jungles of a congested city, GNSS technology is there. In fact, with mobile phones already incorporating global positioning receivers as standard equipment, we now have unprecedented access to precise positioning information – no matter where in the world we are.

Because of this diversity in uses, user requirements for GNSS applications vary in terms of availability, accuracy, continuity, integrity or robustness to spoofing and jamming. The European GNSS Systems EGNOS and Galileo meet the varying needs of these different user communities in the following way:

User Groups of Mass market consumer applications Workforce, fleet, traffic and asset management Liability-critical application Safety-critical applications High-precision applications Timing applications for financial services, energy and telecom
Relevant Market Segments LBS, road, VFR general aviation, maritime (leisure boats navigation), rail (passenger information) LBS, road, rail and agriculture (farm and livestock management) Road (tolling operators, insurance telematics), LBS (mobile payments), maritime (fisheries, marine park management) Aviation, road, LBS (emergency caller location), rail and maritime Agriculture and surveying    Timing and synchronisation
EGNOS Accuracy, especially in remote areas Accuracy, sometimes integrity Integrity, accuracy Integrity, accuracy, compliance with safety requirements and standards Accuracy Potentially improved quality of synchronisation
Galileo Availability, better resistance to multipath, accuracy, time to first fix (TTFF) Availability, better resistance to mutipath, accuracy, TTFF, authentication Authentication, availability, accuracy, continuity Availability, accuracy, compliance with safety requirements and standards, dedicated SAR service with return link Accuracy, availability, TTFF Accurate time, authentication

For more information about GNSS users and applications, please read EUSPA's GNSS Market Report.