How can I get my tools registered in the GSTI database?

To get your tools registered in the GSTI database, first you need to register yourself and your company using the Registration form and, once you have accessed the GSC Helpdesk and logged in through the "Raise your questions" option,  please send a request stating that you want to include a new tool in the GSTI Tools database (or to modify or remove a tool already published). In the request, fill in the following fields:

  • Subject: Depending on your request to include a new tool or to modify or remove tools already published, write “GSTI New/Modify/Remove Tool”;
  • Galileo service: Select the “Not related to a specific service” option;
  • User domain (optional): Select the “Not related to a specific domain” option;
  • Message: Include some relevant information about the tool;
  • Attachment (optional): upload the relevant documentation supporting the tool description (Technical specifications and details, commercial brochures, etc.). You can either drag and drop the documentation or upload it via the “browse” button.

The GSC team will then provide you with a template to be filled in with all the information describing the new tool(s) to be published or the update to be carried out in the tool(s) already published. This is explicitly required prior to the publication or update of the tool(s)upload. Please note, all new entries and updates are validated by the GSC before being listed among the available tools.