The SAR/Galileo Server is a complementary Galileo infrastructure operated by the European GNSS Service Centre that provides support to the SAR/Galileo Service and worldwide SAR community by making available Galileo constellation orbital products in a precise and timely manner. 

The SAR/Galileo Server can be accessed worldwide through a secure FTP connection. Its products serve as a redundant source of Galileo constellation orbital parameters in case they are not nominally broadcast through the Galileo Signal in Space (L-Band navigation signals) or could not be recovered from the local GNSS receivers. Refer to SAR/Galileo Service Definition Document for further technical details about the SAR/Galileo Server.


Status (A/NA)1

SAR/Galileo Server


1: A: Available / NA: Not Available

Note: this status only refers to the availability of the SAR/Galileo Server (i.e., infrastructure availability).The availability of the products inside the SAR/Galileo Server is not stated here, but it is continuously monitored. Any products unavailability is promptly communicated to SAR/Galileo server users through dedicated interfaces.