The Galileo system, once fully operational, will offer six high-performance services worldwide:

  • Open Service (OS): Galileo open and free of charge service set up for positioning and timing services. In the future, the Galileo Open Service will also provide Navigation Message Authentication, which will allow the computation of the user position using authenticated data extracted from the navigation message.
  • Open Service Navigation Message Authentication (OSNMA): Free access service complementing the OS by delivering authenticated data, assuring users that the received Galileo navigation message is coming from the system itself and has not been modified.
  • Public Regulated Service (PRS): Service restricted to government-authorised users, for sensitive applications that require a high level of service continuity.
  • High Accuracy Service (HAS): A free access service complementing the OS by delivering high accuracy data and providing better ranging accuracy, enabling users to achieve sub-meter level positioning accuracy.
  • Commercial Authentication Service (CAS): A service complementing the OS, providing a controlled access and authentication function to users.
  • Search and Rescue Service (SAR): Europe’s contribution to COSPAS-SARSAT, an international satellite-based search and rescue distress alert detection system.