SAR/Galileo Satellites Information

The SAR/Galileo service is Europe's contribution to the Cospas-Sarsat System. The Galileo satellites (except GSAT0101 and GSAT0102) are fitted with transparent repeater instruments (SARR) operating in the 1544 - 1545 MHz downlink band (L-band) capable to relay Cospas-Sarsat compliant 406 MHz distress signals without on board processing, data storage or demodulation, to any compatible Ground Segment worldwide.

The following table lists the active Galileo satellites contributing to the SAR/Galileo Forward Link Service (FLS) and the SAR/Galileo Return Link Service (RLS). For a detailed description of each field in this table please click here.

Satellite Name

Cospas-Sarsat ID
Operating Mode [kHz]
FLS Operational Status
RLS Operational Status
GSAT01011 E11 N/A - N/A USABLE
GSAT01021 E12 N/A - N/A USABLE
GSAT0103 E19 419 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0201 E18 418 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0202 E14 414 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0203 E26 426 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0205 E24 424 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0206 E30 430 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0207 E07 407 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0208 E08 408 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0209 E09 409 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0210 E01 401 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0211 E02 402 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0212 E03 403 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0213 E04 404 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0214 E05 405 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0215 E21 421 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0216 E25 425 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0217 E27 427 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0218 E31 431 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0219 E36 436 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0220 E13 413 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0221 E15 415 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0222 E33 433 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0223 E34 434 ALC90 F USABLE
GSAT0224 E10 410 ALC90 F USABLE

1: Galileo IOV satellites GSAT0101, GSAT0102 are not fitted with SARR payload.

2: Galileo satellite GSAT0104 is not used for the Galileo Open Service but the SARR is active and used in operations.

3: Galileo satellite GSAT0204 has been removed from OS service since 2017-12-08 until further notice for constellation management purposes (see NAGU 2017045). No orbit data will be provided on the broadcasted signals or through the Galileo SAR Server.