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Galileo Open Service Definition Document version 1.2 now available for download

16 December 2021

The “Galileo - Open Service - Service Definition Document” (Galileo OS SDD) defines the Minimum Performance Levels (MPLs) of the Galileo Open Service (OS). Find out what billions of users of Galileo can expect.
5 Years of Galileo Services

15 December 2021

On December 15th 2016 the Galileo Services were declared operational, marking a cornerstone in the field of satellite navigation for European citizens and worldwide. Since then, the EU Agency for the Space Programme has endeavored to increase the robustness of the system and services, enhance market adoption and offer new services to its users.
Let’s shape the future of EU satnav together!

7 December 2021

The EU Agency for the Space Programme, EUSPA, has launched the 2021 Galileo and EGNOS User Satisfaction Surveys. Having your feedback is crucial to the evolution of the satnav components of the EU Space Programme.
Improved SAR/Galileo Operational Information to Users

3 December 2021

As of 03/12/2021, the European GNSS Service Centre provides additional information regarding the operational status of the SAR/Galileo Service. Such communications, namely Notice Advisories to SAR/Galileo Users or NASUs, will provide up-to-date System status information that is relevant for users when using the SAR/Galileo Service.
EUSPA launches Research and Innovation (R&I) consultation on downstream applications

23 November 2021

The EU Agency for the Space Programme, EUSPA, is gathering input from industry and academia to define new funding priorities in view of Horizon Europe.
EUSPA ready for LEOP ahead of Galileo Launch 11

22 November 2021

We are less than two weeks away from the latest Galileo launch from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guyana. The Galileo Launch 11 is the first of a series of 6 launches (with two satellites per launch), and the EUSPA’s tightly-knit LEOP team is ready for a cooperative EU space mission!
EUSPA launches the OSNMA Public Observation Test Phase

15 November 2021

The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is opening the Galileo Open Service Navigation Message authentication (OSNMA) test Signal in Space (SiS) and access to related products as part of the Public Observation Test Phase. EUSPA is inviting external interested stakeholders to participate in this observation campaign.
EUSPA-funded SIA project is nearing its completion with promising results for intelligent railway asset management

15 October 2021

Space based services will help reduce 15% of railway maintenance costs, 25% of maintenance unscheduled events and 15% of derailments associated with the rail-wheel interface. To tackle this challenge, the SIA consortium brings together multidisciplinary and cross sector partners (EGNSS technology providers, research centres, IT companies and railway stakeholders) that will co-design EGNSS solutions truly adapted to the needs of the rail sector.
Mass rescue operation takes place in the Arctic Circle with Galileo SAR at the forefront

13 October 2021

Just 60 nautical miles off Svalbard, in the freezing arctic waters, the second-largest rescue operation was deemed successful thanks to Galileo Search and Rescue capabilities.
Space opportunities for safer maritime operations in Europe and beyond

1 October 2021

Safety of life at sea and ocean protection have always been a top priority in the maritime sector. EUSPA is developing space services, tailored to the needs of this sector that generate tangible benefits to end users.