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Galileo Performance Reports of Q4-2022 available for download!

31 May 2023

The Galileo Open Service (OS) and the Enhanced Search and Rescue (SAR) Galileo Service Performance Reports of the fourth quarter of 2022 are available at the Electronic Library of the European GNSS Service Centre web portal.
Join us for the first Galileo HAS Days!

23 May 2023

Mark your calendar and join us to knowing more about the Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS) latest status including live demonstrations and open panel discussions.
New achievement for Galileo and civil aviation

24 March 2023

Our commitment to serving the civil aviation industry remains steadfast, and we are thrilled to announce the recent adoption of international standards for Galileo and future Satellite Based Augmentation Systems by the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This marks a major milestone in the aviation industry, as it enables us to fully leverage the potential of satellite navigation services developed in Europe in combination with GPS.
Understanding Galileo services: Service Definition Documents

21 March 2023

The Galileo Open Service (OS), Search and Rescue (SAR) and High Accuracy Service (HAS) Service Definition Documents (SDD) contain essential information about the Galileo OS, SAR and HAS. They provide details on the services' definition, main characteristics, level of performance, and other significant information that gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of these services.
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Can we halve the use of pesticides in the EU by 2030

28 February 2023

Pesticides and fertilisers can be important tools in modern farming. When used correctly, fertilisers provide essential nutrients for crop growth, while pesticides can help protect those crops from harmful pests and diseases.
Galileo Performance Reports of Q3-2022 available for download!

13 February 2023

The Galileo Open Service (OS) and the Enhanced Search and Rescue (SAR)/Galileo Service Performance Reports of the third quarter of 2022 (covering July, August, and September) are now available.
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Galileo High Accuracy Service goes live!

24 January 2023

The Galileo High Accuracy Service (HAS) is now operational offering unprecedented accuracy for positioning.
One step closer to OSNMA: SIS ICD and Receiver Guidelines just released

21 December 2022

The Galileo OSNMA SIS ICD and the Galileo OSNMA Receiver Guidelines have been published. They specify the baseline applicable to the OSNMA service provision phase that will start after the OSNMA Service Declaration. Its publication allows the OSNMA user community to prepare for the OSNMA service provision phase in advance of the OSNMA Service Declaration.
Galileo_OSNMA_Receiver_Guidelines_for_the_Test_Phase _v1
New version of the OSNMA Receiver Guidelines is released

16 November 2022

The new version of the OSNMA Receiver Guidelines for the Test Phase provides test vectors and sample data supporting the verification of the OSNMA functionality implementation. It also clarifies the concept of “slow MAC”.
Faster and more robust: three I/NAV improvements to upgrade the Galileo Open Service

27 October 2022

The Galileo Open Service (OS) is being upgraded with three new features being added to the I/NAV message, which is one of four message types broadcast by Galileo satellites. Collectively referred to simply as I/NAV improvements, these features will be available free of charge to all Open Service users.