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Galileo helps map out safer cycling routes in the Netherlands

28 April 2022

An initiative in the Netherlands leverages Galileo’s enhanced accuracy and positioning to conduct a comprehensive safety assessment of local bicycle paths.
Galileo in agriculture autonomous machinery: a success story by Agreenculture

16 March 2022

The introduction of Galileo signal in Realtime Kinematics solutions provides important benefits and opportunities for autonomous machinery in the agriculture environment, improving the accuracy of the final solutions and enhancing the overall functionality of the assets.  French company Agreenculture has integrated Galileo as part of their autonomous agricultural robotic solution, to improve the computed trajectories and optimize the resources needed in the agriculture cycle.
Galileo Performance Reports of Q4-2021 available for download!

11 March 2022

The Galileo Open Service (OS) and the Enhanced Search and Rescue (SAR)/Galileo Service Performance Reports of the fourth quarter of 2021 (covering October, November, and December 2021) are available at the Electronic Library of the European GNSS Service Centre web portal.
The Galileo Reference Centre evolves to support the constellation’s growing needs

21 February 2022

The EU Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) publishes procurement on “GRC Infrastructure evolution, nominal operations support, and maintenance”. To encourage the widest participation possible, the Agency is organizing an industry day to present the details of the call on 10 March 2022 at 10.00 CET
Galileo Service Operator: a vital link between space and user needs

17 February 2022

With a robust and secure ground and space segment, EUSPA ensures that Galileo’s 2.5 billion users benefit from the world’s most precise positioning system
The European 112-emergency number to reach new heights thanks to Galileo

14 February 2022

As of March 17, 2022, all smartphones sold in the European Union should be leveraging Galileo signals, in addition to other Global Navigation Satellite Systems. The addition of the EU positioning system to enhance the 112-calls location will result in faster response times and consequently, more lives saved.
EUSPA launches testing campaign for INAV improvements implementation

9 February 2022

The European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) is launching a testing campaign for INAV improvements implementation and hereby invites external stakeholders to express their interest in participating in such testing campaign.
Galileo satellites 27-28 reach final orbit; initiate testing phase

24 January 2022

The Payload In Orbit Testing activities is the last stage of the Early Operations Phase. It will enable the Galileo satellites 27-28 to enter service provision and their signals to become available to end-users down on Earth.
Galileo Open Service Definition Document version 1.2 now available for download

16 December 2021

The “Galileo - Open Service - Service Definition Document” (Galileo OS SDD) defines the Minimum Performance Levels (MPLs) of the Galileo Open Service (OS). Find out what billions of users of Galileo can expect.
5 Years of Galileo Services

15 December 2021

On December 15th 2016 the Galileo Services were declared operational, marking a cornerstone in the field of satellite navigation for European citizens and worldwide. Since then, the EU Agency for the Space Programme has endeavored to increase the robustness of the system and services, enhance market adoption and offer new services to its users.