The Galileo Information Centres (GIC), an initiative of the European Commission and DG-DEFIS, are facilitating the introduction of EGNSS in Latin America. The recently-established Centre in Chile - providing services to the Galileo user community in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador - is organising a series of webinars to introduce Galileo to the Latin America user community, and showcase the benefits that the European GNSS can bring to the regional markets and stakeholders.

The webinar series is starting on 3 September  (source:  Vanessa Ramos – ©KIM Global)

















The webinar series is starting on 3 September (source:  Vanessa Ramos – ©KIM Global)

The Galileo Information Centres, funded by the European Commission (EC) and the DG Defence Industry and Space (DG-DEFIS), are promoting the introduction of the European GNSS (EGNSS) programmes, Galileo and EGNOS, in Latin America. The Centres monitor local and regional satellite navigation initiatives, identifying potential markets and stakeholders, and providing support to users in developing new applications through cooperation between Latin American and European industry. Additionally, the Centres are responsible for disseminating information in different languages about EGNSS and supporting the user community to enhance local awareness and understanding of the European GNSS services. Galileo Information Centres in Chile (serving Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia) and Brazil (serving the Portuguese-speaking community), have started providing services in summer 2020, while the Centre in Mexico (covering Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean) is expected to open in the coming months.

Webinars series

Recently inaugurated, the GIC in Chile has already started its activities training the user community about Galileo Systems and Services and the opportunities the EGNSS can bring to Latin America. This week, the centre is launching the webinar series to introduce in detail the GIC and the services it provides regionally. The webinars will also introduce the mission, services and activities currently performed by the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) at a global level.

To register to each webinar:

The webinars will be in Spanish.

GSC and GICs: a close coordination.

The Galileo Service Center (GSC), as the single global interface between the Galileo User Community and the Galileo Service Provider, is committed to strengthen the coordination with the different Galileo Information Centres and support them in the delivery of their mission enhancing the impact of the European satellite navigation activities in Latin America.

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