Download NTCM G source code

An implementation of NTCM G algorithm, an alternative to Nequick G algorithm, is now available for users. The NTCM G source code provides a portable and validated C/C++ version of the NTCM G model that can be easily deployed in different GNSS application and simulation environments. The NTCM G source code package is composed of:

  • The NTCM G source code repository, which includes the reference implementation of the NTCM G,
  • The Model Based Design (MDB) repository, which contains all the results and auxiliary information relying on the NTCM G routine according to MBD.  
  • The Application repository, which includes examples of applications built on top of the source code.
  • The NTCM G Software Package User Guide

The NTCM G algorithm implementation is available for registered users upon access request.

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NTCM G model for single frequency users

The Neustrelitz Total Electron Content Model for Galileo (NTCM G) is an empirical model that provides a practical and cost-effective solution for the determination of the global ionosphere Total Electron Content (TEC).   

NTCM G is an alternative to the reference ionospheric correction algorithm NeQuick G. The model is less computationally demanding than the reference Nequick G model, so, it represents a good option for applications in which computational resources are limited.

Users shall follow indications provided in the reference document "NTCM-G Ionospheric Model Description” in order to implement the NTCM G algorithm for Galileo single frequency receivers. The document contains definitions, step-by-step procedures and guidelines for implementation of NTCM G in the receivers.