The March 5 deadline approaching for 4th Horizon 2020 EGNSS Call

If you have an idea for an EGNSS solution addressing one or more of these challenges, be sure to submit your proposal before March 5, deadline for submissions in the 4th Horizon 2020 EGNSS Call. The call was opened last October with four topics aiming to tap into EGNSS-based innovation in support of economic growth, digitisation and environmental sustainability.

The 4th EGNSS-related Call aims to support the development of innovative downstream applications that use Galileo and/or EGNOS to address a range of societal challenges and is targeted at the EU GNSS industry, SMEs, universities, research organisations and public bodies.

Four topics, four challenges

The four topics in the call each address a specific challenge. The first targets EGNSS applications fostering green, safe and smart mobility and the development of EGNSS-based applications to lower emissions and make mobility safer and more cost-effective. The challenge of the second topic is to develop EGNSS applications fostering digitisation, helping to digitise products and services that address major societal challenges in areas such as health, citizen safety, smart cities, and other areas.

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The third topic, on EGNSS applications fostering societal resilience and protecting the environment, aims to develop EGNSS applications that support societal resilience, safeguard the wellbeing of EU citizens, improve emergency and disaster management, and promote green growth. Finally, the last topic of Awareness raising and capacity building aims to create networks of industrial relationships in Europe and globally that leverage EGNSS excellence and facilitate EGNSS investments.

Information at your fingertips

Detailed information on all of these calls is available on the Horizon 2020 web portal. Furthermore, ahead of the call, the European GNSS Agency (GSA) together with the European Commission and COSMOS2020, the network of National Contact Points for Space, co-organised a Horizon 2020 International Space Information Day and Brokerage Event at the GSA’s Prague headquarters. You can find presentations from this event here.

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