The GSTI database of Simulation and Testing Tools

The current database of simulation and testing tools stems from the European GNSS Simulation and Testing Tools Infrastructure (GSTI),  a collaborative platform1 intended to support both developers of GNSS applications and equipment and providers of GNSS testing and simulation tools or testbeds. It is an initiative launched by the European Commission (EC) and transferred to the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC).

It provides a detailed information on specific GNSS testing tools and testbeds, with an overview of the existing test capacities in Europe.

Simulation and testing activities are considered a key enabler for the uptake of GNSS markets.

The database aims to:

  • Facilitate access to the available European simulation tools and testing facilities to any interested user;
  • Promote coordination among the different initiatives and encouraging synergies between tools and facilities;
  • Ensure that the needs expressed by the potential users are covered by the deployed testing infrastructure.

Every tool available in the GSTI database provides technical information (category of the tool, supported GNSS signals and frequencies, environment of use, target users) as well as access conditions (e.g. commercial purchase, renting or free access) and point of contact. Links to the tool provider’s website and datasheets are also included when available. You can access the details (main features and capabilities) of each tool by clicking on the 'see details' icon.  

How can I get my tools registered in the GSTI database?

First you need to register yourself and your company using the GSC Helpdesk and send a request stating that you want to include a new tool (or modify/remove one, if you already have available tools). In particular, fill in the following fields as:

[Market]: Other
[Subject]: <New/Modify/Remove> Tool
[Question Type]: GSTI

The GSC team will provide you with a template with all the information needed prior to the upload. Please note, all new entries and updates are validated by GSC before being listed among the available tools.


1The European GNSS Simulation and Testing Tools Infrastructure (GSTI) collaborative platform,  part of the TEST CASE Project - a Service Contract (TREN/09/FP7/GALILEO/316-2008/G3/SI2.552987) funded by the European Commission under the EC 7th Framework Programme.


Updated: Apr 04, 2017