GNSS Experts to talk about the value of raw measurements at ION GNSS+ 2017

Are GNSS raw measurements in consumer devices just a playground for scientists, or do they represent a real market opportunity? To find out, join the European GNSS Agency (GSA) and a panel of industry experts as they discuss the topic on 28 September at ION GNSS+ 2017.

With a smartphone featuring Android 7.0 (i.e., Nougat), users now have access to raw GNSS measurements. This feature opens the door to higher-accuracy and the development of algorithms once restricted to more advanced GNSS receivers. This new capability also allows users to fully benefit from the special features offered by Galileo, and to combine it with other constellations in the most efficient way.

Although Nougat makes accessing raw data easier, using it remains a challenge. In fact, its use remains largely limited to research centres, universities and GNSS experts – which raises the question: is there real market opportunity in GNSS raw measurements or is it simply a playground for scientists and experts?

White Paper on using GNSS raw measurements

To answer this question, the GSA launched the Raw Measurements Task Force. Comprised of GNSS experts, scientists and market players, the Task Force aims to foster a wider use of these raw measurements. Their White Paper, set to be published soon, will provide applica¬tion developers with a range of tools, including practical tips and innovative ideas on how to take full advantage of GNSS raw measurements.

Join us at ION GNSS+ 2017

Join the GSA and Frank van Diggelen (Google), Mark Dumville (NSL), Moises Navarro (Astrium) and Lukasz Bonenberg (University of Nottingham) for a preview of the White Paper and an interactive discussion on such topics as: 

  • Tips and innovative ideas on using GNSS raw measurements
  • Results from tests using raw measurements conducted by different experts
  • Advice on how to ensure the use of Galileo in smart¬phone applications
  • Expert insights on the challenges and opportunities of GNSS raw measurements

Moderated by Fiammetta Diani, GSA Deputy Head of Market Development, the session will take place on Thursday September 28 from 2:00 – 2:45pm in Room C120-122 during ION GNSS+ 2017, held in Portland, Oregon (USA). To learn more about the session, click here and to register for the event click here.

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