ENCORE: Enhanced Code Galileo Receiver for land management in Brazil

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1 Feb 2010

31 Jul 2012

30 months



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ENCORE developed a high-precision and low-cost land management application , taking benefit of novel Galileo signal characteristics. It responds to the needs of the Brazilian market in terms of georeferencing and cadastre planning. ENCORE takes advantage of the Galileo high accuracy code observables and uses E5 AltBOC modulation instead of the conventional carrier phase observables.

ENCORE also analysed the benefits of a combined GPS L1/L5 and Galileo E1/E5 pseudorange receiver and integrated data processing strategy.

It received an award from ION GNSS 2011 as one of the best presentations for its paper  “The Accuracy Potential of Galileo E5/E1 Pseudoranges for Surveying and Mapping”.  ENCORE was cover page of GPSWorld March 2012 issue, escribing the Galileo's Surveying Potential.