SAR Success Stories

End-to-end solutions based on Galileo SAR

Several research projects supported by the GSA under Horizon 2020 are creating end-to-end solutions based on the Galileo SAR service and leveraging its Return Link.

  • SAT406M is improving the mobility and safety of citizens through the design and development of a wrist-worn PLB beacon. The wearable device includes sensors to monitor the user’s physiological characteristics, with this information being available to emergency responders via an innovative signal modulation technique. Learn more.
  • HELIOS is developing ELT, EPIRB and PLB beacons for end-to-end emergency readiness and response at sea and in the air. A range of products resulting from the project, which are expected to be available mid-2019, will utilise the updated COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system. Learn more.
  • GRICAS is developing and demonstrating a whole set of innovative operational procedures for in-flight activation of SAR beacons onboard aircraft during abnormal situations, in order to improve safety and security of air navigation. It includes the development of an autonomous distress tracking (ADT) system for aircraft based on ELT-DT, using the unique Galileo SAR Return Link service and the validation. Learn more.

Funding opportunities available

To support further uptake of Galileo by beacon manufacturers, the GSA is offering funding opportunities under its Fundamental Elements programme, along with the Horizon 2020 programme for research programme. Learn more.

Updated: Apr 07, 2017